OpenLM SaaS Registration,Installation,Configuration-KB4052b
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OpenLM SaaS Registration, Installation and configuration – KB4052b

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OpenLM provides a SaaS solution for monitoring network license servers while keeping installation and upgrade efforts to a minimum.

Please read more about the OpenLM SaaS solution’s architecture in this document.

In order to implement the OpenLM SaaS solution on your network, you will need to install the OpenLM Broker on your license server machine, and enable a secure connection over a dedicated port between the OpenLM Broker and the cloud resident OpenLM Server.

This document is a quick guide for basic OpenLM Broker installation and configuration for SaaS solutions. It does NOT include all the functions available on the Broker. For more comprehensive information, please refer to the OpenLM Broker Comprehensive installation Application note.

Video tutorial

Here is a video tutorial which goes over the registration and configuration of the OpenLM Broker for SaaS systems.

OpenLM Broker Installation

The OpenLM System components are available for download on the OpenLM site.

1. Please go over the installation prerequisites for the OpenLM Broker.

2. Click the “Download OpenLM Broker” button, for either Windows or Unix/Linux systems.

3. Install the Broker on your License Server machine.

3a. For Unix / Linux installation – please refer to the Comprehensive Broker guide

3b. For Windows systems, double click the downloaded installation file icon, and follow the installation instructions.

Registration procedure

1. On the OpenLM Downloads page, Click the “Install OpenLM SaaS” button. The registration page opens.


Type in the required information in all text boxes, and click the “Register to service” button.

2. Look into your mailbox for a new email, with a link to confirm your registration.


3. Click the said confirmation link. A second email will be sent to you, containing

3a. Your SaaS login information (username and password)

3b. A link to the SaaS login page

3c. An attached ‘broker.xml‘ file.


4. Click the link to the login page, and type in your credentials.

This login window also enables users to later login via their google account if they choose to do so.


5. At this stage you will be prompted to change your password, and login with the new password that you have created.

OpenLM Broker configuration

1. Copy the ‘broker.xml‘ file that was attached to the 2nd email you received from OpenLM to your local license server machine.

2. Open the OpenLM Broker configuration tool (Windows ‘Start’ → “All Programs” → OpenLM → Broker → “OpenLM Broker configuration tool ”)

Note that the Broker automatically detects the settings of FlexLM license managers installed on the machine. The existence and location of FlexLM Options files is not automatically configured; Setting their names and paths remains to be done manually.

3. Select the “OpenLM Servers” node on the left pane.

4. Click the green ‘+’ icon, an select the “OpenLM SaaS Server” option (see image blow).

5. Click “Import SaaS settings from file” button, and select the saved  ‘broker.xml‘ file.


6. Click the “Check connectivity to OpenLM Server” button to perform a connectivity check.

7. Click ‘Apply’ to save the information entered, and the “Restart Broker” button.

Adding a license server

The Broker connects to license server ports, and conveys license usage information to the OpenLM license server.

Note that on windows’ installations, the Broker configuration tool automatically detects FlexLM License Managers on the host machine upon first startup. It displays a list of these license managers under the “License Servers” folder on the left pane.

In order to add a license server manually, please do the following:

1. Select “License Servers” on the left side of the screen.

2. Click the “Add” button. A drop-down list appears.

3. Type in the hostname of your License Server.  In the example below it is “DESKTOP-7NN1TKD”

4. Click on the “Port” node under the new License Server key symbol. The “License Manager Port” form appears.

5. Fill in the License manager port parameters:

  • Port Number (e.g. 27080)
  • License Manager Type (e.g.: FLEXlm, DSLS, RLM etc).  In the example below it is “OpenLM Generic”

6. Type in the vendor name, under the newly created ‘Port’ node (e.g. for Autodesk, the vendor name is adskflex). In the example below it is my_vendor.


SaaS client configuration

1. Login to your SaaS account.

2. On the “License servers” tab, click the “Add license server” button.

3. Fill in the exact same data as done on the OpenLM Broker configuration tool. Pertaining to the same example, these are:

  • License Server: “DESKTOP-7NN1TKD”
  • Port number 27080
  • LM Type: OpenLM Generic

4. Set the Time zone of your license server machine (e.g. UTC+2)


5. Click the OK button to submit this configuration.

The EasyAdmin web application

On the ‘General’ tab, click the “Launch EasyAdmin” hyperlink.


The EasyAdmin web application launches on your browser.

  • Click EasyAdmin Start →  Widgets → License servers. The “License Servers” window appears. Verify that the configured license managers appear on the list.
  • A green circle node indicates an active connection to a license server.
  • Click the ‘+’ icon to expand the server indicator and view Broker related information. A correct configuration should present an “All green” indication, as depicted below. In case of other (error) indications, please refer to the OpenLM Broker Comprehensive installation Application note.


Further reading and support

This concludes the brief OpenLM configuration for SaaS. For more information on the different Broker capabilities and configurations, please refer to the following documentation:

Please free to address our support team at with any questions on OpenLM and the SaaS configuration.

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