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Reducing application idle time to boost performance – KB

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OpenLM capabilities

The OpenLM License management tool provides two types of capabilities:

One is for monitoring license usage and extracting license statistics’ reports.

The other is for active management of licensed applications, improving license availability and boosting application efficiency.


Single out idle applications

In our previous article, we presented OpenLM’s capability to identify applications that are sitting idle, consuming expensive licenses and reducing license availability.

Here we will present OpenLM’s tools for decreasing idle time, harvesting idle licenses and returning them to the license pool.

It has been reported that client who have implemented such features have been able to improve their existing license utilization by as much as 25%.


License retrieval methods

OpenLM implements two idle process license harvesting methods:

  • The basic method is named “Suspend and Resume”. OpenLM will detect an idle process, identify its respective license, release the license back into the common license pool, and “freeze” the application until the license is reclaimed. This method is a global one, intended for all licensed applications.
  • The second method is named “Save and Close”, and is currently reserved to three specific vendors: MATLAB, ESRI ArcGIS and Autodesk. “Save and close” employs a dedicated software extension, that communicates with each of the above applications. When an idle station is identified, the user’s work will be saved, and the application will be actively shut down.

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Thresholds and configurations

  • The OpenLM Agent is configured to report monitored processes as idle when their CPU usage and I/O data addressing rate falls below predefined values for a given period.
  • The OpenLM Server will issue a license removal to the license server either directly, or via the OpenLM Broker (if installed). It will do so when predefined conditions of total usage percentage and application idle time are met.


What happens now ?

After a license is harvested, a pop-up will appear on the user’s screen, notifying them that the license was removed. The user will be able to resume activity with a single click on the pop-up.

A list of closed sessions is also available on the OpenLM Agent. Applications can easily be resumed from there too.

In addition, users who have been denied a license will also get a pop-up message on their screen, notifying them of the new vacancy. This feature further boosts license availability.


Further information

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