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Reporting Hub for OpenLM Cloud

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Reporting Hub for OpenLM Cloud?

As an OpenLM Cloud user, you can now have much more power over your licensing data using a business analytics tool that delivers licensing insights throughout your organization.

Using a business analytics tool, you can connect to a manageable and simplified reporting database, which holds all your licensing data in a user friendly structure.

OpenLM Reporting Hub allows you to produce custom made reports and dashboards, then publish them for your organization to consume on the web and across mobile devices.

Easily create personalized reports and dashboards using a unique, 360-degree view of your licensing information that enables you to simply drag and drop different columns in order to create elaborate reports.

OpenLM offers 2 options for Cloud clients:


1. Hosted Reporting Database

Connect your business analytics tool directly to your reporting database, hosted on our servers.

  • Get full access to all your licensing data and usage information.
  • Generate your own reports and dashboards.
  • Create your own calculated fields.
  • Use any BI tool you want.
  • Connect using a secure connection.
  • OpenLM takes care of incrementing your reporting database each day.
  • OpenLM is incharge of upgrading and maintaining your reporting database.

Basically, this option gives you full control over your database, and lets you query your data however you’d like.


2. Hosted Reports

Simply receive pre-made interactive reports from OpenLM via a secure link.

  • Get interactive reports with full filtering and data comparison capabilities.
  • Get reports and dashboards fitting your request (Requires professional services).
  • Connect using a secure link.
  • Receive the reports on a daily schedule.
  • Regarding your reporting database, OpenLM takes care of everything and you simply receive the reports you require.

Basically, this option allows you to get exactly what you need from your database.

Watch the following video or see the full documentation on the OpenLM Reporting Hub for more information.


Contact to get a free 30 day trial of the OpenLM Reporting Hub for OpenLM Cloud.

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