Reset Sync Functionality for v4.1
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Reset Sync Functionality for v4.1

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Reset Sync functionality is an action used when full synchronization is desired to manually refresh data in OpenLM Server.The Reset Sync action deletes all LDAP entity data so that it may be rebuilt, but does not delete the objects (e.g., Users, Groups, Hosts and Computers). To clean OpenLM objects, there is another process available from Administration panel called Cleanup Manager that allows manual handling of objects.


The steps “To Refresh Data Using Reset Sync” and “Using Cleanup Manager” are outlined below. Note that using these processes assumes you have already created at least one LDAP Server Setup in OpenLM Server (See Figure 1).

Figure 1: LDAP Server Setup Example


To Refresh Data Using Reset Sync:


  1. Open OpenLM Server’s web interface [address].


  1. Open the EasyAdmin User menu by clicking [Start] in the lower left of the screen (see Figure 2). The EasyAdmin User menu will appear.

Figure 2: Click [Start] to reveal the menu.


  1. Click the [Administration] option on the upper right of the menu. The “Administration” screen will appear (see Figure 3).

Figure 3: The Administration screen.


  1. Locate Sync Definitions on the Administration screen and click the name or icon. This will open the LDAP Synchronizations screen (see Figure 4).

Figure 4: The LDAP Syncronization screen.


Locate the LDAP server you would like to reset on the LDAP Synchronizations screen, and click [Reset] in the Reset Link column for that item. This will launch the reset. A popup may appear briefly to note progress. The Latest Sync Data for the item will update to the current date and time when the process is complete.

Using Cleanup Manager:


  1. Cleanup Manager can be accessed immediately after successfully running the Reset Sync function. To do this, first close the LDAP Synchronization screen to return to the Administration screen.

Figure 5: The Administration screen.


  1. Locate Cleanup Manager on the Administration screen (see Figure 5), and click the name or icon for the feature. This will open the Cleanup Manager screen (see Figure 6). The screen will automatically populate with date and time.

Figure 6: The Cleanup Manager screen.


  1. Read the information on the screen that explains the options for “History,” “Groups,” and “Users” to understand what the processes accomplish.


  1. Choose a “Cleanup Category” by clicking the associated radio box. A description can be entered in the Cleanup Job Description box to describe the task.


  1. Click [Run] to launch the process.


  1. Click [Cancel] to exit the Cleanup Manager screen.


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