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Set ESRI ArcGIS licensing Level and handle ESRI licensed extensions – KB4036

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Make sure to install the OpenLM Agent before proceeding with the configurations required.

OpenLM was originally written by ESRI ArcGIS veterans, and as such it contains various benefits for ESRI users. Such are the capabilities to:

  • Monitor and control ESRI licensing level through the OpenLM EasyAdmin web application, and the OpenLM Agent client tool, and
  • Single out and retrieve idle ESRI licenses by saving and closing idle sessions.
  • Manage the consumption of ESRI licensed extensions.


ESRI licensing level

ESRI implementation is unique in the sense that you can activate the ArcMap software in three different licensing levels:

  • Basic (Previously called viewer or ArcView)
  • Standard (Previously called ‘ArcEditor’)
  • Advanced (Previously called ‘ArcInfo’)

ArcGIS end users can set the licensing level before activating the software. If such a license is available, the software will start. OpenLM also enables users to:

  • Set the licensing level according to the number of available licenses.
  • Choose whether to save the ArcGIS licensing level to the Registry, to do it on a user level, or on a system level (for all users – requires administrative permissions).


Setting the license level

In order to view the users licensing level, right click the OpenLM Agent icon. “Set ArcGIS License level” appears in the pop-up menu (Marked by the green arrow).


the following window opens:

The three levels of licenses appear on screen; each with its availability indication.

Also, the mechanism for saving the licensing level is also provided:

  • User Env: A user environment specific for current user
  • System Env: Set the environment variable to all users (requires administrator privileges)
  • Registry (Default): Save the licensing level to the local registry.

Select the

  • Relevant license manager,
  • Required licensing level and
  • Required saving mechanism

and click Save.


Hide “Set ArcGIS License Level” from Agents

The three usage license levels may be presented or hidden from the user according to the system administration policy. In order to prevent end users from changing the license level:

1. Open the OpenLM Easyadmin tool and press the Easyadmin start button (On the bottom left corner of the Easyadmin window). A selection menu pops up.

2. Select Administration. The Following window Appears

3. Select the “Active Agent” icon, and the “Extension Dedicated” tab. The following window appears:

Apply your decision to the Hide Set ArcGIS License Level from agents box;

  • Checked: The ArcGIS license level GUI is NOT presented to the end user.
  • Unchecked (Default): The ArcGIS license level GUI is presented to the user.

4. Click  Save


Retrieving idle ESRI extension licenses

The subject of idle license retrieval through the “Save and Close” method is covered in this document, and is not in the scope of this Application Note. However, the special treatment given to idle ESRI extensions is worth mentioning here. Please observe the “Active Agent – Extension dedicated” image above:

The two radio buttons under “Application behavior when extension passes usage” read: “Turn off extension” and “Shut application down”.

  • “Turn off extension”: When the extension license (e.g. 3D Analyst) usage meats the criterion for idle session license retrieval, the extension’s license will be returned to the license pool, and the application’s license (e.g. Viewer) will be maintained.
  • “Shut application down” will literally shut down the application, thus retrieving both licenses.


Turn off licensed ESRI extensions upon application shut-down

Another issue reported by many ESRI users and license administrators is the fact that extension licenses are kept in a check-out state even after ESRI sessions have ended.

The “Turn off licensed extensions at shutdown” option literally takes care to release licensed extensions, so they would not automatically consume extension licenses upon relaunching the ESRI application.

The “Turn off custom extensions”  option ensures that custom – made extensions that may rely on ESRI licensed extensions will not be checked out upon the launching of the ESRI application, and will not automatically consume extension licenses.

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