Unable to connect to FLEXlm license server error
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Unable to connect to FLEXlm license server error: -96,7:11004 “Comm. error”: TS-OLMSRV003 KB

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The customer complained that he “Couldn’t connect to the FLEXlm license server”. Attempting to connect to the license server resulted in the following message box appearing on his screen:

lmgrd is not running: License server machine is down or not responding. (-96,7:11004 "Comm. error")


Troubleshoot process

1. Make sure the license manager machine is up and that you could check out licenses from it.

2. Make sure that the hostname , Port number, License Manager type and timezone are configured correctly in the OpenLM server configuration tool. Also, please review this Troubleshoot guide.

3. Check the connectivity between the OpenLM server machine and the license server (using ping or telnet).

4.  Make sure that any security components (Firewall) are not blocking communication on both ends. The OpenLM Server v4 uses ports 7012, 7014, 7016, 7017 and 7019. v5 uses port 5015. The OpenLM Server’s communication with the License server relies on this port.

Make sure that the port is open:

  • Try disabling the firewall temporarily.
  • Enter “Control Panel”→“System and Security”→“Windows Firewall”→ Advanced settings”.
  • If the port isn’t defined under the “‘Inbound Rules” open the port by adding a New Rule using the “New Rule” button located on the upper right side of the screen as depicted below:

5. The OpenLM Broker may bypass such communication issues. Install the OpenLM Broker on the license server machine. See this application note for more information.

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