Upgrade OpenLM Server – MySQL Database

This document describes the upgrade process of “OpenLM Server”, which uses an external MySQL database.


Upgrade OpenLM Server and database #

  • Backup the OpenLM database.
  • Go to the server holding OpenLM Server.
  • Download the latest version of OpenLM Server and place it on the same server.
  • Double click the downloaded MSI file.
  • Click Next and approve the terms and conditions.
  • Click Next-Next until the upgrade process ends.
  • Click Finish.


Upgrade only the database #

  • Backup the OpenLM database.
  • Open up the “OpenLM Server DB Upgrade Tool” (located on the server that holds “OpenLM Server”)
  • Click “Next” and fill in the database details.
  • Click “Next” and the upgrading process will start.
  • Click “Finish” when the upgrade process ends.
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