OpenLM - LDAP Connector

The service that allows you to offer directory synchronization in your software product

Simplify user management, and easily and quickly connect people and software/technology via LDAP Synchronization.

LDAP Connector- A cloud-based bridge between LDAP directories and your software.

The OpenLM Dongle Monitoring solution reduces the total cost of ownership, cuts down on time spent integrating applications with the organization’s directory service, and speeds up app deployment. And that’s not all! LDAP Connector also helps foster productivity by allowing organizations of all kinds to unify their customers’ identity data under one umbrella. 

Reduce total cost of ownership

Cut your time spent and costs when integrating your application with the organization’s directory service.

Speed up app deployment

Foster productivity

Organization teams often use a variety of directory services. Provide them with the opportunity to unify the identity data of your customers with LDAP Connector, and bring all directory data under one umbrella.

Build your business on a scalable architecture

Explore the flexibility and capacity of OpenLM LDAP Connector service. Sign up now for a free 30-day trial!


Tracking license usage was a challenge for us. Being able to monitor that and historic usage both globally and locally is useful!

Stephen Brekke

Legacy Integration Producer

LDAP Connector is a software developed by OpenLM that allows you to synchronize data between an organization’s directory service such as Active Directory or any other  LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directory and your applications.

LDAP Connector supports the following directories: Microsoft Active Directory, eDirectory, Apache DS, Azure AD, Google CDS and AWS Directory.

LDAP Connector lets you reduce the time and development effort required to support Active Directory (or directory service) integration.  The ability to synchronize an enterprise application with the organization directory is now mandatory in any enterprise application. The majority of software developers employ their own development teams to create directory synchronization. This is a sizable continuing activity that diverts the development teams’ attention from their primary business objectives. Software developers can now concentrate on the functionality and logic of their applications thanks to LDAP Connector.

Yes. LDAP Connector was built with security at its core. We encrypt data on transit and data at rest, so you can rest assured that your organization’s data is protected. The ability to synchronize users & groups from the organizational directory is critical for both the application functionality and its security and compliance. 

Yes, with LDAP Connector you can fetch the data from support multiple directory services supporting the LDAP protocol, allowing you to provide synchronization support for multiple directories out of the box.

No. LDAP Connector supports only one-way synchronization: from the organization’s directory to the LDAP Connector database. Any changes made to the Active Directory – for example – will be reflected in the LDAP Connector database, and that also means that the changes will also appear in your software. 

To start using LDAP Connector, you need to create an account in the OpenLM Cloud Portal and activate the product. Follow the steps described in the get started video to know exactly where you need to install the Directory Sync Agent (DSA) to fetch the organization’s data and integrate it into your software. 

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