License reporting - OpenLM Software License Management
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License reporting

The high cost of Engineering software resources leaves no slack for licensed application utilization. Every piece of software needs to be accounted for; its usage must comply with software licensing requirements on one hand and aim for optimal utilization on the other

OpenLM employs a diverse range of reports, out of which usage patterns, license denials, and license usage per location / group / project or other partitions are portrayed.

Here are a few examples for license usage reports:

  1. The “License utilization” chart exhibits the percentage of time that any number of licenses were utilized, e.g.: 55% of the time no licenses were in use, 23% of the time only one license was in use, etc. The chart also provides this insight: Even though there had been conditions where 6 licenses were in use, procurement of any number of licenses beyond 5 is questionable.


The license usage chart is a time-based waveform, which shows the total usage rate as part of the total number of available licenses


License denials are exhibited in several formats, one of which is the “Recently denied features” window. This is a scalable approach for analyzing the number of denials in a timely context:


For more information on historical usage reports, Please have a looks at the EasyAdmin Screenshots.

There is also much to see on the OpenLM EasyAdmin video tutorials