Matlab/Simulink Network & NNU License Management - OpenLM Software License Management
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Matlab/Simulink Network & NNU License Management

OpenLM is for clarity:

  • What MATLAB licenses have been used, when, and by whom
  • Keep a close count of your expensive MATLAB license inventory.
  • Understand your company’s license usage patterns
  • Gain data for future software procurement and maintenance


Manage usage of expensive Mathworks licenses

  • Monitor software activity, and identify idle sessions. Retrieve idle MATLAB licenses to the license pool.
  • Keep track of changes made on the Active Directory. Apply license restrictions through FlexLM Options files.

Monitor MATLAB usage according to license pools and users groups

  • What license types best suite your organization ? Should you acquire Network Named Users’ licenses, or keep your license scheme strictly based on Concurrent licensing ?
  • Distinguish software usage according to license pools. Gain insight on the preferred licensing method

Easily maintain Mathworks compliance

  • Always ready for an Audit: Keep precise usage records
  • Maintain license compliance. Ensure that usage restrictions are followed (e.g. in accordance with license pools and geographic limitations)