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The OpenLM Alerts Enables license managers to define alert conditions and act when these conditions are met

The OpenLM Alerts extension is designed to assure the stability of the organizations licensing system. It enables License managers to define alert conditions, and act when these conditions are met.

 The system can handle complex conditions over multiple license servers and features. Alert conditions may be added on the alert form. AND / OR logic may be applied between these conditions.

Condition2 (1).png

The Alerts’ “destination editor” window enables the direction of alerts to desired destination:

  • EasyAdmin ‘Alerts’ window
  • Log file
  • Alert messages to email or SMS accounts
  • All if desired

For example, an alert may be sent to an email during work hours and to SMS after work hours.Condition3 (1).png

 Definition of Alerts (Listed by severity).

  • Alert- Always shown in red. High severity. Take immediate action
  • Warning- Normal/Minor impact
  • Notice- Low severity. Item to watch. Informational


The following alert types are available:

  • Feature usage by percentage: Notify when feature usage is above or below predefined thresholds.
  • License duplicate usage: Checks whether a user draws the same licensed features on multiple workstations.
  • Feature Expiration: Alert that a feature license expiration date is coming up.
  • Not connected license managers: OpenLM fails to connect to a monitored license manager.
  • Users without default group: Their license usage will not be attributed to any group but the default “OpenLM _Everyone”.
  • Users without default project: Their license usage will not be attributed to any project.
  • Feature usage by period: Notify that a license has been checked out for more than a predefined period.
  • Max denials by period: Notify that the number of license denials has surpassed a predefined threshold during a predefined period.


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