Software Usage, Monitoring & Management - OpenLM Software License Management
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Software Usage, Monitoring & Management

 OpenLM’s Software provides a comprehensive management solution for license management software such as FLEXlm, FLEXnet, Sentinel RMS, Sentinel HASP, RLM, IBM LUM, DSLS, MathLM and LM-X. The software provides productivity tools for system administrators, managers and end users.

OpenLM’s software can interface and monitor any software application which is managed by these license managers, such as ArcGIS, MATLAB, Autodesk, Catia, PTC etc.

OpenLM’s software supports the major trends in the field of license management, e.g.: license consolidation, Usage charge back (usage billing), and usage trend analysis.

OpenLM implements smart timeout features for a variety of Desktop software applications, which allows organizations to optimize usability of existing licenses, as well as to avoid unnecessary further license acquisition.