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OpenLM Community

Jul 11, 2019

Dear users and partners,

A software product is only as good as its customer base. Through you and your experiences with our products, we learn where we can improve any shortcomings and gaps. While our support team are knowledgeable and can help with any issues and queries, most customer feedback is acted on, but not shared until there is a new software release.
In recognition of the valuable information that we get from our customers, we have added a community platform for you to interact with other customers. New customers can get advice from seasoned customers and experiences can be shared, both about our products and license managers in general.
The website address is This is your one-stop shop for everything you wanted to know about license management, but never dared ask!

We have also created some special interest groups. These forums are for:-

  • Engineering Licensing and our core product
  • the License Allocation Manager
  • the Applications Manager
  • the Software Router
  • the Online Parser
  • and Software as a Service (SaaS)

Please feel free to suggest any other forums that would help you. We look forward to you registering and making your voice heard, not just by us, but by everyone in the community!

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