OpenLM Directory Synchronization - OpenLM Software License Management
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OpenLM Directory Synchronization

OpenLM Directory Synchronization

The OpenLM Directory Synchronization extension enables organizations to synchronize their OpenLM database with their directory service. Currently this is possible for directories that follow the LDAP protocol (e.g. Active Directory, ApacheDS or eDirectory). Synchronization offers multiple benefits:

Benefits for management:

  • Enforcing license usage permissions
  • Implementing usage charge-back (usage billing)
  • Analysis of usage trends per group, department

Benefits for administrators:

  • Automating license rules and restrictions (through the OpenLM License Allocation Manager)
  • Streamlining license usage reporting, according to LDAP User and Group data.

Benefits for end-users:

  • Viewing specific user information via OpenLM Agent to help locate users that are holding a required license
  • Authenticating to OpenLM’s EasyAdmin via Windows Authentication. To read more about this option see the following link: User Interface Windows Authentication.


Two components are required to be installed to take advantage of this extension: Directory Synchronization Service and Directory Synchronization Agent.

Installation and configuration: