OpenLM for Bentley - OpenLM Software License Management
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OpenLM for Bentley


OpenLM is a comprehensive license management, monitoring and reporting tool. It interfaces a wide variety of license managers such as FLEXlm (see the complete list), and is capable of controlling licensed applications and reporting license usage statistics. OpenLM brings clarity to all licensed application’s usage. Management level decision makers, IT personnel and end users all benefit from OpenLM’s capabilities. In addition, OpenLM enfolds some unique benefits for Bentley users.

Who should use OpenLM for Bentley?

OpenLM facilitates Bentley license usage reporting. It is intended for System Administrators, System Analysts, IT Managers and engineers. OpenLM optimizes license visibility and manageability in their organization, and may produce substantial savings in license procurement and maintenance.

Supported Bentley Software features

Bentley licensing is based on SELECT Server license manager which is offered in two versions, either on-premise or a cloud version. Both versions provide users with a web based interface that administers control and reporting.

OpenLM provides complementary service to organizations that use SELECT Server license. This service adds capabilities that are supported both with the on-premise version and the cloud version of the software.

– OpenLM fully supports Microstations, STAAD. – OpenLM does support under some circumstances MicroStation based products like RailRoads and InTracks. – We invite our customers who work with other Bentley products to contact us.

Benefits of OpenLM for Bentley solution

1. Avoid over-spending on Bentley licenses, as it helps better manage Bentley bucket system.
2. Offers direct control over license checkout events based on time, group, application, version and etc.
3. OpenLM solution can release the license once the workstation is hibernating, ensuring that another Bentley bucket does not get filled after the user goes home.

App Manager application in Bentley system

Please see the following link with detailed description of App Manager features that are applied in Bentley system – 

On the ground, and in the air

  • OpenLM offers an on-premise installation for monitoring and managing license usage directly interfacing the organizational license servers and end users’ workstations.

What’s next?

Try us out. Download and install a free version of the OpenLM software. Support is fully available during the evaluation period.

Download and explore the full unlimited version of OpenLM for 30 days. During this time you will enjoy full support with no strings attached.