OpenLM for SolidWorks - OpenLM Software License Management
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OpenLM for SolidWorks


OpenLM was designed by GIS and CAD veterans for GIS and CAD users and managers. The system provides a comprehensive set of license monitoring and management tools for all types of CAD software, and some dedicated enhancements for SolidWorks users.


OpenLM is all about clarity. Clear historical usage reports, Clear image of your current licenses whereabouts, and clear understanding of what licenses need to be purchased or discontinued. It enfolds benefits for all stakeholders in the organization, and produces substantial savings in license procurement and maintenance.

OpenLM Benefits

Apart from these benefits, Solidworks users will also be enjoying all other OpenLM capabilities, such as:

  • Synchronizing information with organizational Active Directories
  • Reporting usage and applying chargeback according to Project and Group membership
  • Applying changes and maintaining FlexLM Options files

What’s Next ?

Try us out. Download and install a free version of the OpenLM software. Support is fully available during the evaluation period.

Download and explore the full unlimited version of OpenLM for 30 days. During this time you will enjoy full support with no strings attached.