OpenLM integration on ServiceNow - OpenLM Software License Management
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OpenLM integration on ServiceNow

Mar 13, 2020

Starting from March 2020, OpenLM software is available on ServiceNow store. OpenLM and ServiceNow began their collaboration a few months back and brought an integrated solution for the management of engineering software licenses for ServiceNow platform users.

OpenLM integrates with a variety of license management services in user’s environment bringing the information into ServiceNow Software Asset Management which acts as a single system of record in action.

Reports can be created on License Usage, User Activity, Denials, Alerts etc. Thus, users can easily:

  • Monitor concurrent license consumption for more forecasting
  • Track and reduce software spend by optimizing license usage
  • Avoid employee productivity losses by monitoring license denials
  • Provide support for audits and contract renewals

Customers can also create rules which allow users to control their license usage. With Engineering License Management customers gain visibility into engineering software license position and usage, helping to avoid audit risks and overspending.

Learn more about OpenLM integration here or join ServiceNow Orlando release broadcast on the 19th of March, 2020.