OpenLM Reseller Program - OpenLM Software License Management
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OpenLM Reseller Program

We are always looking for new global partners who can successfully represent OpenLM, find new markets and build successful cooperation to distribute OpenLM in their countries. We value cooperation with our resellers highly and give flexible and attractive business conditions that will help them profit from working with OpenLM.

Occasional Reseller

Not every company is geared up to be a fully fledged partner in the OpenLM Reseller Program; not everyone has the ability to develop the market in their area and provide support to customers prior to and after the sale. OpenLM therefor, also works with ‘occasional resellers’, who are typically companies or consultants that send us details of a prospective customer who has expressed interest in OpenLM software solutions. In this case, we pay you a fixed commission following the closing of a deal and completion of payment by the customer and you don’t need to be involved any more than that.

How Does the Program Work?

As a participant of OpenLM Reseller Program you will act as local representative and reseller of OpenLM and received a commission from every deal closed. Your activities will include pre-sales promotion and introduction, organization of payment process and delivery of products and licenses. Additional support activities are provided by OpenLM itself and this includes technical support, patch distribution and other pre-sales and post-sales  activity. OpenLM also helps resellers by providing promotional material in English that can be translated by the reseller, to help them advance the sales cycle.

OpenLM Reseller Profile

The OpenLM Reseller Program is open to companies who work with organizations that would benefit from software for monitoring and management of concurrent licenses. Our resellers typically include:

  • Software dealers, who sell software products and include OpenLM in their portfolio
  • Software consultants, who can recommend OpenLM to clients
  • Software developers, who would like to offer OpenLM together with their own software as one bundle

What Next?

See other partnership options too. If you would like to discuss partnership with us, we will be glad to hear from you. Please send your details below.


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