OpenLM supports monitoring of Aspentech proprietary license manager: SLM - OpenLM Software License Management
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As several customers have recently inquired whether OpenLM would support the Aspentech Software License Manager (‘SLM’), we looked into it and found that SLM relies on the Sentinel RMS license management tool. Specifically, in their “Quick Guide to Installing and Configuring the SLM” document, AspenTech clearly notes that “AspenTech V7.3 SLM licensing system uses Sentinel RMS License Manager version 8.4”.

It also states that “If Sentinel RMS License Manager version 8.4 server is installed on your network license server machine … you can skip the installation of the network license server and proceed to installing the network license file and configuring the network license server options.”

We have verified this information with two of our clients, and found that OpenLM does indeed monitor Aspentech SLM license management information, and provides application usage management for Aspentech.

For information on how to monitor Aspentech licenses with OpenLM, please refer to the following Application Note:

Configuring OpenLM to interface the Sentinel RMS license manager – AN3001e