OpenLM Trends and News - OpenLM Software License Management
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OpenLM Trends and News

OpenLM Cloud – Monitoring License Usage on the Cloud

On Premise and Cloud-Based License Usage Reporting OpenLM is a leading provider of software license monitoring, audit and management solutions and we provide a full cloud solution, in addition to on-premise installation. OpenLM Cloud is provided under a SaaS (software...

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The OpenLM License Parser

Are you having a hard time following the licensing scheme provided by your license vendor? Are you using complex licenses, comprising of license packages, license suites and PLIST? You don’t need to be confused! OpenLM Core is a license management tool for visualizing...

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What is new in version 3.0 of OpenLM

What is new in OpenLM 3.0 As part of OpenLM commitment for constant development and innovation to advance its clients abilities to monitor and manage licenses, We release the OpenLM 3.0 milestone version. The new version adds adding exciting new features and...

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