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Pre Release Download

This is the OpenLM 2.0 pre-release version

download page.

 Thank you for trying out the OpenLM 2.0 pre-release version.

Please read and review the following notes carefully:

  • Do NOT upgrade your production version to this pre-release version !

  • The information accumulated using the pre-release OpenLM versions will not be migrated to the final OpenLM 2.0 release.

  • Do NOT install a pre-release version on the same machine as the production OpenLM version is installed!

This version is distributed in order to enable customers to experience the latest OpenLM fixes and enhancements. Please send your feedback to  we are looking forward to it.

OpenLM Server version 2.0:

The OpenLM Server is the core element of the OpenLM system. It integrates the functionality of all other peripheral system components, i.e.: OpenLM EasyAdmin, Agent, Alerts, and Broker.

OpenLM Broker version 2.0:

The OpenLM Broker is an optional component that runs on the license server machine. It performs tasks as dictated by OpenLM Server, and is required in order to provide advanced licensing information and sophisticated abilities.

OpenLM agent version 2.0

The end user tool of OpenLM system improves license availability, empowers the user and provides advanced functionality.