ProActiveManagement (tm) (PAM) Technology - OpenLM Software License Management
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ProActiveManagement ™ (PAM) Technology

Nowadays, IT Managers and Software License Administrators are not only looking for basic license monitoring and reporting capabilities, but also for new, innovative and active ways to gain clarity, boost software license utilization, empower end users and save corporate money.

OpenLM has designed and developed the ProActiveManagement™ (PAM) technology platform to address these challenges. Our proprietary ProActiveManagement™ platform enables the identification of idle open sessions in real time. These are marked for termination in order to enhance corporate productivity and improve license utilization. Users don’t waste time anymore waiting for a license to be freed!

The ProActiveManagement™ platform offers four methods for achieving idle license retrieval:

  1. Idle Time Monitoring and Manual Retrieval – System administrators can easily identify idle licenses and retrieve them to the license pool either manually or automatically
  2. Suspend and Resume – ProActiveManagement™ detects an idle process and identifies its respective license. The license is released into the common license pool, and the application is “frozen” until a license is reclaimed
  3. Save and Close – An idle application is identified, the user’s work is saved, and the application is actively shut down. The application is not just suspended, as opposed to the ”Suspend and Resume” method
  4. Enhanced Agent Procedures – General purpose license retrieval for licenses managed by ANY type of license server; conditional license retrieval; license availability notifications; and idle applications closing for ‘Unmanaged’ licenses (licenses that are not managed by a license server, or that their LM is not natively supported)