Testimonial- City of Aalborg (Denmark) - OpenLM Software License Management
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Testimonial- City of Aalborg (Denmark)

“Since 2011 we have used OpenLM to help us managing the licenses. Where more than a certain number of the licenses are occupied, OpenLM will close the inactive ArcGIS clients and release them back into the pool.

For some special products we only have  one license, and here is another advantage of using OpenLM. The users can look into the OpenLM client and see who uses a specific license. OpenLM helps us saving licenses.

With more than 400 ArcGIS desktop users located over various office locations we have a challenge managing our ArcGIS licences.

Many users meet in the office early in the morning to plan their workday. When they leave the office, they forget to release the GIS license, and the licence is occupied all day.

Since we have only a limited number of licenses, we get complaints by other users that they can’t access the desired licenses. We are able to configure OpenLM to suite our needs for managing our ArcGIS licenses.

Once a year we use OpenLM to create a statistical report to see the distribution of licenses. The different departments in our organization must pay a license fee based on how much time they have used the different products.

The reports created with OpenLM help us generate statistics about the license activity. We use them as the basis for generating invoices to the various departments for their use. The OpenLM server is connected with our Active Directory and gives us the necessary information about who uses the different licenses. The reports also give us daily information about the license usage.”


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October 22, 2014