Testimonial- Houston Engineering Inc. - OpenLM Software License Management
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Testimonial- Houston Engineering Inc.







Chad Qualley, CAD Manager/ Survey Technical Coordinator

Houston Engineering Inc., USA

“Our firm has six offices across two states, so it’s easy to imagine that managing software licenses between all six locations proved time-consuming and inefficient. About two years ago, I purchased OpenLM to help get the most out of our license pool for ArcGIS and Civil 3D. With a limited number of licenses, we didn’t want to leave any unused. The software wasn’t difficult to set up, and, more importantly, it worked! We saw results immediately after implementing the program. We also found OpenLM’s reporting tool provides an unforeseen benefit by making it easy to see if or when we need to purchase additional licenses.
With our company continuing to grow, I know that there will be even more licenses to manage in the future. OpenLM will be the tool we use to manage those licenses.”


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October 26, 2014