Testimonial - Province Limburg, Belgium - OpenLM Software License Management
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Testimonial – Province Limburg, Belgium

Testimonial – Province Limburg, Belgium

Willy Vanelderen, CAD & BIM Manager

Province Limburg, Belgium                                                                                                                                                         

“We bought OpenLM to monitor the use of our Autodesk and Esri Arcgis floating licenses. Since installing OpenLM we now know exactly who, when, how long and what everybody is using.

We soon discovered the discrepancy between the presumed and effective use of the software. Now we know for sure we don’t need to buy more licenses thus saving us a lot of money. From this moment on we also can take educated decisions on organizational changes concerning the use of the software.

Why had we not purchased OpenLM sooner?”


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October 22, 2014