Testimonial - University of Porto, Portugal - OpenLM Software License Management
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Testimonial – University of Porto, Portugal

Jorge Cunha, License Manager,

University of Porto, Portugal


Work day morning. IT department received a complaint about Matlab licenses not being available and was asked to explain what happened.

Openlm proved to be a precious tool! With few clicks we were able to create a report on what happened and illustrate it with graphics. Even more, if the users wanted to see who was using matlab, and what features were active, it provided an online web tool that could be queried on demand, by the inquiry user, enabling them to get data by the minute.scavenging flexlm logs, building reports by hand and filtering the data so it would make sense.

The work stress was lifted from our shoulders and the users got the information they were looking for, and more.

Since We started using OpenLM We now have access to numbers, statistics and reliable information to make decisions, analyze problems and conflicts with licenses on campus. The software is intuitive and works beautifully. Installation and upgrades are a breeze.
With a simple Web Browser We can monitor license activity and take action when problems occur.

Thumbs up for OpenLM!


Posted on

October 22, 2014