Testimonial - WSP Group, England - OpenLM Software License Management
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Testimonial – WSP Group, England

Sebastian Block, UK Senior GIS Consultant

WSP Group, England
“With an ever increasing user base spread across multiple office locations, the administration of ArcGIS Desktop licences is a challenging task. Prior to the adoption of OpenLM there would be the inevitable round of daily emails asking whether a licence could be released due to lack of availability.  From an administration perspective, it was difficult to establish how effectively licences were being utilised and plan for future growth as we had limited reporting capability.


OpenLM enabled WSP to solve these problems by providing a mechanism to release inactive licences and providing detailed usage data ranging from licence activity to licence denials and much more besides.  The service from OpenLM’s technical support department is first class, not only in terms of speed of response but also knowledge of the product.  It is evident they have a genuine customer focus.”


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October 22, 2014