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OpenLM Reporting Hub

What is OpenLM Reporting Hub?

OpenLM Reporting Hub offers a way for our customers to get the most out of their collected usage information.

It provides advanced querying capabilities, extended data modeling, and report creation features that enable you to accelerate your ability to build robust data models, along with amazing reports that will amplify your business intelligence efforts.


How does it work?

  • OpenLM Reporting Hub uses a data transformation engine for collecting and storing relevant data to a Postgres “Warehouse” database.
  • The resulting data structure can be easily queried using any BI tool, which allows for simple “drag and drop” graph manipulation.
  • Allows massive query loads without interfering with the production server.


For more information – please refer to OpenLM Knowledgebase article.

Prerequisites & System Requirements


The Reporting Hub extension requires the OpenLM Broker to be installed on the License Server machine and the OpenLM Agent installed on the end-users workstations. Download these components here.

Check out the System Requirements here.