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Software Metering


Software Metering of Engineering Software Licenses

OpenLM is a software metering tool for engineering software licenses. It can track and measure your software usage and implement application usage control.

In contrast to many software asset management and other license management software tools, OpenLM gives you detailed information far beyond the ‘high level’ summary of software inventory and license check-outs and gives you a minute by minute or second-by second monitoring capability to audit and report on  application usage.


Verification of License Denials

OpenLM gives you true denials information. By combining multiple consecutive attempts by an engineer to check-out an unavailable license, into a single event, you get a representative picture of license availability and have a means to verify the accuracy of claims that a license is not available. This gives you valuable information to help with decision making on whether or not you need to purchase additional licenses.


License Harvesting

OpenLM allows you to ‘harvest’ licenses, that is save and close or suspend and resume sessions where engineering software licenses have been checked out but are not being used.


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