Someone forgot to log out? Discover how OpenLM will end unused open sessions for you. - lp - OpenLM Software License Management
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Someone forgot to log out?

Let OpenLM end unused open sessions for you.


OpenLM offers you a license monitoring and management tool that will help you improving utilization of floating licenses:

  • Single out and alert idle sessions
  • End idle sessions and freeing licenses back into the system
  • Avoiding unneeded acquisition of more licenses.


OpenLM - Stretching your licenses to their limits.


Mark Murphy, GIS Applications Manager

Manatee County, Florida

“Manatee County first purchased and implemented OpenLM in 2010.  At the time we were struggling with the management of our concurrent license pool for our ESRI ArcGIS Desktop products.  OpenLM not only lived up to its’ expectations as far as managing the license pool it also filled a void in reporting on license usage.  Prior to OpenLM we were basically flying blind, and the only way we knew we had licensing issues was when our users started getting denial of licenses and even then we couldn’t see what was really going on.  OpenLM allowed us to be more pro-active in monitoring license usage, we could see when perhaps a user had toggled on ArcINFO when perhaps they only needed ArcView.  Additionally when we did have licensing issues OpenLM provided the back up data to support justifications to purchase more licensing, now I had charts and graphs to support our case for expanding the pool.

OpenLM has also helped us achieve a higher level of usage efficiencies out of the licenses we do have through its ability to save and close sessions that have become inactive.  We are currently and comfortably supporting an ESRI versioned editing environment of 33 active editors with a pool of 26 ArcINFO licenses.  As far as bang for the buck, OpenLM is the best 3rd party product we’ve implemented to support our ESRI ArcGIS Desktop environment.”