Spider and OpenLM - License management for concurrent/floating licenses - OpenLM Software License Management
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A new cooperation between Spider License Management suite, Open LM and Secoptena provides Spider users with comprehensive reporting options.

With the OpenLM software, companies and organizations that use license servers such as (FlexLM) can quickly get an overview in their license management system of the actual concurrent/floating license usage on the license servers. With the support of our partner SECOPTENA and our «Spider Generic Data Connector» technology, the solution can be fully integrated into Spider Licence. It prepares the use of license server data efficiently and takes advantage of savings potentials. An optimized usage information report from the license servers is available at the push of a button in Spider Licence.

Quick overview of concurrent/floating license requirements on license servers

License usage is often analyzed incorrectly when using license servers, resulting in a failure to identify potential savings. In practice, information from license servers is not integrated into the global license management system and must be viewed manually. The first step in the interface between OpenLM and Spider Licence is to continuously read out the license usage and threshold values from the license servers.
In a second step, the data is analyzed in terms of over-licensing and possible threshold values, for example unused licenses or access rejections due to insufficient licenses.
This information can then be accessed in the comprehensive reporting options in Spider Licence

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