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FAQ – Can I use MS-SQL Express as the OpenLM external database ?

OpenLM supports 3 types of external databases:

MS-SQL, MySQL and Oracle.

Customers have been inquiring about the ability to employ the MS-SQL Express version.

OpenLM’s inclination is to notify the customer on the limitations of this solution, and leave this decision to the customer’s discretion:

1. MS-SQL Express will not utilize the machine’s computation capability to its fullest: Only one CPU will be employed.

2. MS-SQL Express is limited to a DB size of 10 GB.

3. OpenLM’s DB does not normally reach 10 GB, but we have (rarely) seen this happen before. Such cases were attributed to large computations that have been performed on historical usage records. Once the computations had been done – the temporary database tables were cleared, but the allocated space remained large. If the MS-SQL Express DB size limitation is reached, such a scenario may cause abrupt malfunction.