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FAQ – Does OpenLM save license usage information? Where ? How can I use it?


Does OpenLM save license usage information? Where is it being saved and how can I use it?


By default OpenLM uses an embedded Firebird database system stored on your local disk.

It is normally located at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenLM\OpenLM Server\db.

Using external multi-user database enables accessing the information by other services or reporting tools.

  • From OpenLM Version 1.5.2 onward, OpenLM supports external databases: Oracle and MS SQL Server.
  • From version 1.8 onward, OpenLM supports the external MySQL database.

OpenLM has also released a set of open APIs for users who wish to apply the capabilities embedded in the OpenLM software for use in their own applications.

For more information on that – please refer to this post.