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FAQ – How can I create personalized queries of the OpenLM Database ?


The OpenLM EasyAdmin web interface has been designed to match our customers requirements, and has evolved over many iterations of production and feedback. Nevertheless, Clients often want to present the license usage data that has been accumulated in their OpenLM Database in a different and original way.

To answer this need, OpenLM provides an interface to open  APIs through a SOAP WSDL file. Access this file by typing the following URL on your browser:



1.  <hostname> stands for the OpenLM Server machine host name.

2. The port number (7020 in the example above)  is the default port for the SOAP proxy. You can change it in the OpenLM Server configuration tool –> Port Settings tab.

3. It is not recommended to access the OpenLM Database tables directly, as OpenLM is not obligated to keep the Database tables’ structure through upcoming version releases.