FAQ - How can I migrate OpenLM to a new computer ? (Firebird Database procedure) - OpenLM Software License Management
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FAQ – How can I migrate OpenLM to a new computer ? (Firebird Database procedure)


Please go through the following procedure in order to move your OpenLM installation to a different machine:

1. You would need a license file for the new designated Server machine. Please contact sales@openlm.com, and provide your Servers’ MAC address and hostname (case sensitive). OpenLM will then reply with a license file for your 2nd license server.

2. Stop the OpenLM server service on the old server.

3. Save a backup of the entire OpenLM server directory: 
C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenLM\OpenLM Server\     to a safe place.

4. Download and install the latest OpenLM server version from the OpenLM site on the new server.
This would create a new empty database in the

C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenLM\OpenLM Server\db directory.

5. Stop the OpenLM service on the new server.

6. Copy the OpenLM database from the old server,
C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenLM\OpenLM Server\db
directory, and replace the empty database in the new server.

7. Copy the license file you have received from OpenLM on (1) to the  C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenLM\OpenLM Server\License     directory.

8. Apply the database upgrade tool to the DB you have copied:

Windows’ start –> All Programs –> OpenLM –> Server –> tools –> Update OpenLM from previous versions.


9. Restart the OpenLM server service on the new server.

You are now done with the OpenLM server migration, and need to configure OpenLM peripherals to point to the new OpenLM server.

10. OpenLM Broker: Upgrade the OpenLM Brokers installed on the License server machines. Configure the brokers to point to the new OpenLM server machine.
Please refer to this application note. Observe the “Adding an OpenLM Server” paragraph.

11. OpenLM Agent:
Update the OpenLM Agent version. In case you are applying silent OpenLM Agent installation to all workstations, please refer to this guide.
You would need the Agents to point to the new OpenLM Server, so select the ‘OpenLM Server’ parameter accordingly (‘support1’ in the example below).