FAQ: What’s the difference between FlexLM report logs and debug logs ? - OpenLM Software License Management
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FAQ: What’s the difference between FlexLM report logs and debug logs ?

The FlexLM license server produces both report log files and debug log files.

Report log files contains feature usage information and is generated by the vendor daemon. These files are not written by default; this action must be enabled. The data in report logs is compressed, authenticated, and organized into a repository. Report log information can not be read as text, but can be presented by Flexera’s Flexnet Manager tool.

Debug log files contains status and error messages useful for debugging the license server. This type of log is created by default. The Debug log file commences with the server’s system date, time, and time zone. It thereafter displays both events specific to lmadmin or lmgrd and to each vendor daemon on the license server.

For lmadmin, the log files are written into the logs directory within the lmadmin install directory. For lmgrd and the vendor daemons it manages – debug log output is written to the standard output. In order to put this debug log output in a file, either redirect the output of the license server to a file or start lmgrd with the -l debug_log_path option.

Below is an example of a debug log file format:

11:28:44 (MLM) Server started on my_servername for: MATLAB

11:28:44 (MLM) SIMULINK Bioinformatics_Toolbox Communication_Toolbox

11:28:44 (MLM) Video_and_Image_Blockset Control_Toolbox Curve_Fitting_Toolbox

11:28:44 (MLM) Signal_Blocks Data_Acq_Toolbox Database_Toolbox

11:35:56 (MLM) OUT: “MATLAB” user1@workstation1   // license checked out

11:36:36 (MLM) IN: “MATLAB” user1@workstation1   // license checked in

11:41:26 (MLM) OUT: “MATLAB” user2@workstation2  

11:41:26 (MLM) OUT: “Statistics_Toolbox” user3@workstation3

23:28:44 (lmgrd) TIMESTAMP 9/11/2013 // Timestamp. By default every 6 hrs.

23:39:57 (MLM) OUT: “Distrib_Computing_Toolbox” user4@workstation4  


The OpenLM “All License Parser” parses the Debug log file, and provides historical usage information reports. It does not parse the Report log file.