FAQ - How does OpenLM determine that a software is idle ? - OpenLM Software License Management
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FAQ – How does OpenLM determine that a software is idle ?


In order to monitor user activity, the OpenLM Agent must be installed on each workstation.
The OpenLM Agent is composed of two components – agent and extension. The agent is visible to the user, as an icon on the windows notification area. it communicates with the server and more important – with the user. Users are able to query for license availability, and see who’s got the licenses they need.
The OpenLM Agent also monitors the CPU and IO consumption of the workstation.

 The OpenLM Agent installer also installs an extension on a number of selected applications. At the time of writing these lines – the extension enabled applications are ESRI ArcGIS, Autodesk & Matlab. The extension provides information about these applications’ activity.

OpenLM uses several sources of information, from the OpenLM Extension and Windows API in order to determine inactivity.