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FAQ – How does OpenLM make sure my users will not lose any data during automatic license retrieval ?


OpenLM makes sure that users will not lose any data by saving the project according to a predefined administrator policy.

The system administrator can set this policy in the OpenLM server configuration files. This policy is implemented on all the workstations in the network.
OpenLM deals with the following scenarios:

1. New Project – The user opened a project but never saved it. OpenLM will save the project under a predefined folder with a temporary name, according to the system administrator’s policy. OpenLM will also pop a message box to notify the user.
2. Existing Project – OpenLM acts according to the system administrator settings on the OpenLM server configuration form. If “Overwrite existing project” is checked, the project will be overwritten. Otherwise it will be saved with the same name on the user’s folder.