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FAQ – Why do you install an OpenLM Agent on the end user workstation?

The purpose of the OpenLM Agent is to:

  1. Communicate interactively with end users and supply updated information about license availability.
  2. Monitor the software activity on the user’s workstation.

The communication with the user is the most important task of OpenLM Agent. The responses the user gets in most software system are laconic, e.g.: “License not available”. In many cases this leaves the user without a hint regarding what to do next. OpenLM supplies a better interaction with the user and many improvements are expected in the near future.
The agent is monitoring the activity of the software using windows API and the resources needed for the agent are very low.

For more information on the benefits of installing the Agent, please refer to this Application Note:
Application Note 2038: OpenLM Agent – The end-user’s interface