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FAQ – How can I run a second instance of the OpenLM Broker on the same machine ?

There may be a situation where there is a need to run two instances of the OpenLM Broker on the same license server machine. This would typically be for evaluating a Broker of a different version than that of the Production version.



It is not possible to simply install a second OpenLM Broker; the 2nd instance will need to be run without actually installing it.



  • Download the zipped Broker folder from:

  • Unzip and save the broker files to a different folder.

  • Open the OpenLM Broker folder, and double-click the start_config.cmd file. The Broker Configuration tool will open.

  • Configure the broker and save your settings.

  • Double-click the Start.cmd file. The command prompt will open and run the Broker Java JAR line.

  • Leave the cmd window open; in order to stop the broker use CTR+C in the command window.


Important notes:

1. OpenLM Server 2.0 is NOT compatible with OpenLM Broker 1.8. This means that a 2.0 Broker should point to an OpenLM Server 2.0, installed on a separate machine than the production 1.8 OpenLM Server.

2. The ‘Restart’ button will not work in this setup. Use the Start.cmd instead.