What is the Razorcat License Server?

The Razorcat License Manager is a comprehensive tool designed for managing floating licenses within software environments. It allows users to configure and administer the Floating License Server (FLS) across various platforms, including both Windows and Linux. The License Manager facilitates the request and registration of license keys, enabling seamless integration with Razorcat’s testing tools like TESSY. It supports features such as checking out permanent license keys, managing access control lists (ACLs), and utilizing command-line utilities like flsutil for troubleshooting and operational tasks.

About Razorcat Development GmbH

Razorcat Development GmbH is a German company developing software testing tools and solutions. Based in Berlin, Razorcat offers products and services to improve the quality and reliability of software systems. 


Their flagship product, TESSY, is a powerful tool for automated unit and integration testing of embedded software. 


Razorcat is committed to providing high-quality, reliable solutions that help organizations meet stringent software quality standards. The company emphasizes customer support and continuous improvement, ensuring that its products evolve to meet the changing needs of the software development industry.

Where to Download Razorcat License Server?

Users can download the Razorcat License Server from the official Razorcat website – download tab.

OpenLM: Enhancing Razorcat Software Investment

OpenLM is a powerful software tool that provides comprehensive monitoring and automation capabilities. Organizations can achieve visibility into license usage and optimize their software assets by integrating OpenLM with license management systems like the Razorcat License Manager.

OpenLM enables real-time tracking of license utilization, helping to prevent license overuse and underuse. It automates the management of license check-ins and check-outs, ensuring compliance with licensing agreements and reducing administrative overhead. Additionally, OpenLM offers advanced reporting and analytics, providing insights that help organizations make informed decisions about license procurement and distribution.

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