The OpenLM 'All License Parser' tool - OpenLM Software License Management
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The OpenLM ‘All License Parser’ tool

Can we help you ?

Are you having a hard time following the licensing scheme provided by your license vendor?

Are you using complicated licensing environments comprised of License Packages, Suites and PLIST ?

Are you trying to obtain clear historical perspective of your license usage information, as accumulated in license manager log files ?


OpenLM presents the “All License Parser” ; a web based tool for visualizing various types of license manager files, e.g. FlexLM debug logs and license files.

What does it do ?

With OpenLM’s “All License Parser” you could

  • Parse and present license usage statistics from old logs.
  • Obtain statistical information regarding license utilization, and
  • Make sense of complicated license files.

Where is it?

OpenLM’s “All License Parser” tool is free online:  . It is an  evolving service, which means that we are constantly updating it with new formats and capabilities, as these steam in from our customers.




Working with the License online parser

Use of the system is via an upload of a supported file formats from your file system, or by a simple drag and drop onto the OpenLM Cloud interface within the browser.

Once the file is uploaded, the online parser will quickly convert the contents and present them as a report. This report can be viewed either on screen or downloaded as a pdf file. The onscreen reports show a detailed breakdown of the use of the software in question. An example of the type of reports produced (which will be dependent on the type of software being analyzed) includes:

  • A list of the features of the product, including graphs showing:
    • The most used features of the product
    • Who is using the product and when
    • Most denied features
    • Denied users
    • Reason for denials
  • Benchmarks, showing the most used feature of the software, including:
    • Average session duration
    • % Usage
    • Daily session per user
    • Denials per hour
  • A list of users of the software/system and how long they used it and across which number of sessions
  • Number of closed and open session and how long each lasted and date and time stamp for each
  • Access denials with a reason for the denial, e.g. licensed number of users already reached
  • Errors

The supported license file manager formats of this version of OpenLM are:

Supported file formats

At the time of writing this article, the supported files formats include:

  • FLEXera publisher license files
  • FLEXlm license file
  • FLEXlm lmutil lmstat output
  • OpenLM License file
  • FLEXera publisher (FLEXlm) debug log file
  • Dassault Systems License file & log (DSLS)
  • RLM (Reprise License Manager) license & log file
  • Esprit log
  • SeisWare CSV log
  • Sentinel RMS (from SafeNet) license & log file
  • Sentinel SuperPro log file
  • LM-X license file & log
  • LM-X End-user Utility XML stat output (-licstatxml)
  • OpenText (formerly Spicer) log file
  • SlickEdit verbose XML stats (selicutil stat -v)
  • Green Hills log
  • LS-DYNA license & log

For more information on these supported formats, please refer to this document.


OpenLM does not keep a copy of the files you upload into the “All License Parser” tool, and makes no use of any of the data presented in it.