The OpenLM API - OpenLM Software License Management
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The OpenLM API is an interface to the data contained in the OpenLM system. It is an integral part of the OpenLM system architecture and the API we have made available to users is the exact same interface we use ourselves to get the data on the OpenLM screens. Using the OpenLM API, you can extract up-to-date information on license servers, applications and licensed features that have been acquired by the organization and their usage. It comes as part of the OpenLM core product at no additional cost.


What Information do You Get?

  • Information regarding users, groups, projects, hosts, host groups, workstations and more
  • Historical data such as usage, sessions, utilization and more
  • Concurrent data including real-time usage, actual usage and more
  • Licensing terms and conditions including license manager servers, ports, quantity of licenses purchased, expiration, constraints and more



  • Extract data from OpenLM for custom querying, processing and reporting of license inventory and consumption
  • Embed OpenLM’s unique information into other applications for processing or display
  • Build your own database based on the information provided by OpenLM
  • If you are thinking of developing your own routines for license administration, you can now build just your own GUI based on OpenLM’s extensive processing

Case Study

DeskCenter is a software manufacturer headquartered in Leipzig Germany that focuses on IT infrastructure and lifecycle management.


OpenLM Worker ServiceDeskCenter Task Configuration screen showing OpenLM Worker Service status window


The company has integrated license monitoring information collected by OpenLM into its DeskCenter Management Suite, which is now integrated into the DeskCenter UI.


DeskCenter Management StudioDeskCenter Management Studio displaying window containing OpenLM’s Application / License Manager inventory

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The OpenLM API is an integral part of the OpenLM core product

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