Group usage reports show no usage: TS-EA003 - OpenLM Software License Management
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Group usage reports show no usage: TS-EA003


A user complained that after introducing members into groups in OpenLM, he was still unable to get the usage reported per these groups.

The interface for such reporting is so:

Open the EasyAdmin start –> Reports –> “License activity” window. Select the “Group by” tab, and set the “Group by column” drop-down to ‘Groups’.

Setting up groups and users:

There are several ways to introduce groups in OpenLM. You can do it by synchronizing with your LDAP, by reading Options files or License files, or manually.

Default groups:
OpenLM only attributes usage to groups that are set as default groups for your active users. That means that user U1 may be a member of several groups, but only the groups that’s defined as U1’s default group would be attributed U1’s usage. This logic is for avoiding duplication of usage time in the groups usage report.

  • When introducing users as members in groups manually, setting the default group is part of the manual process.
  • So is the case when  introducing users as members in groups via Options files and license files reading.
  • When  introducing users as members in groups as part of the LDAP synchronization – a check box enables the option to set the default group automatically.
  • Users who are only members of a single group – that group will be considered the default.

Not retroactive:

Old usage is not attributed retroactively to newly defined groups and members. OpenLM will only count group usage for sessions that end after the users and their default groups have been defined.

OpenLM Everyone:

Users who have not been assigned a default group will have their usage attributed to the “OpenLM Everyone” group.