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An Options file was not respected by the FlexLM license server: TS-LM004

A customer complained that after RESERVE-ing a couple of licenses for a group he was a member of, he could still not check out a license.

1. The Application note for Options file editing via the EasyAdmin web interface is located here. First – we need to verify that the Broker is properly installed, and indicating the License server’s uptime on the EasyAdmin “License servers” window.

2. Then we need to verify that:
2a. The Options file was indeed created (please verify that on the license server machine)
2b. The Options file syntax was correct. Refer to Flexera’s documentation for Options file syntax.
2c. Licenses were not taken before the options file was introduced
2d. The license server is configured to read the options file that you had created. You can set the Options file path in the LMTOOLs utility and in the license file.
2e. The license server was “Reread” after the Options file was altered. If that does not help – stop and restart the license server.