No Ansys debug logs: TS-LM002 - OpenLM Software License Management
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No Ansys debug logs: TS-LM002



No Ansys debug logs – OpenLM can’t report license denials


FlexLM, Ansys


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FLEXlm, FLEXera FLEXnet Ansys

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Floating licenses, Network licenses, Concurrent licenses


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Ansys does not produce a debug log file. OpenLM extracts license denial information from such debug logs. It consequently can’t produce license denials reports.

Troubleshoot process

In the Options file for the Ansys server try either one of the following:

1. Add the parameter “ANS_FLEXLM_DEBUG 1”. This should produce licensing debug information, and direct it to the default file licdebug.out. This file is located in the directory specified by the TEMP environment variable.


2. Another option is to configure the DEBUGLOG parameter in the Options file so:

DEBUGLOG +”<debug_log_path>”.

This will produce debug logging information, and only for a single vendor daemon, and direct it to debug_log_path. The ‘+’ sign determines the logging behavior would be following license server restart:

  • Append to an existing debug log, or

  • Start a new debug log from fresh.


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