Can not concurrently display usage for "single-use" and Network licenses: TS-LM006 - OpenLM Software License Management
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Can not concurrently display usage for “single-use” and Network licenses: TS-LM006


The customer had a mixed environment of “Single-use” and Network (‘Floating’) licenses managed by a license server. They wanted to view ArcGIS “single-use” license information from the OpenLM client (‘Agent’) systems .

The customer could only view the Floating ArcGIS server license information.


The customer could not add an “Unmanaged license” process for ArcGIS single-use licenses, since OpenLM has a predefined ArcGIS process already.

This would create a double definition on the same process feature.


At the time of writing this Troubleshoot document, the current OpenLM version ( does not yet distinguish between reported usage sources, i.e. whether a reported application was managed by a license server, or installed locally as a “single use” license. The proposed solution is therefore based on installing the OpenLM Agent only on the “single-use” dedicated workstations.

This solution has the obvious shortcomings of lacking the OpenLM Agent, e.g. not being able to harvest idle ESRI ArcGIS licenses.

1. Install the OpenLM Agent ONLY on the “single-use” dedicated workstations.

2. Delete The current ArcGIS Process Features


2a. Select the Start -> Administration -> Process Feature

2b. Remove all related ARCGIS features

2c. Select Feature line, Select Delete

2d. Repeat for all ARCGIS features


3. Redefine the ARCGIS process features as “Unmanaged Licenses” per:

Application Note (3035) OpenLM v2.0: Working with Unmanaged licenses


You should now have a second entry for ArcGIS in your EasyAdmin “License Servers” window as an “Unmanaged” license.