Failed to close application via the “Close Application” button: TS-AG001 - OpenLM Software License Management
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Failed to close application via the “Close Application” button: TS-AG001


AutoCAD application was not closed after clicking the “Close Application” button on the “Active Products” window.

Some Background…

  • When required to shut down an application, EasyAdmin web application sends the “CloseApplication” request over to the OpenLM server.
  • The OpenLM server writes this Closure request to a table in the OpenLM database, and should receive a ‘Success’ response.
  • The Active Agent requests a periodic update in the “CycleInfo message”. It is informed it should shut down the application.
  • The OpenLM server then searches the look-up table in the database for a match between the required feature (Product) and a process name.
  • The problem is that process names tend to change. This causes the Agent not to recognize the process name, and the application fails to shut down.


Observed during investigation

Currently – there is no method of identifying this problem, other than inspecting the OpenLM Server logs. Please set the OpenLM Server logging level to ‘ALL’ , compress the entire log directory and send it to

Solution :

The solution to this issue is to update the OpenLM database, and fix the Look-up table so that the product would point to a correct process name.
This update is done through an XML file, which OpenLM needs to generate. This file should be run in the following way:

1. Get the XML file from OpenLM. Save it to a temporary directory.
2. On the OpenLM server configuration tool, select the ‘Advanced’ tab, and click the “Update products feature table” button. The  “Update products features” window opens.
3. Click the “Update from file” radio button, and type in the xml file with its full path.
4. Click the ‘Update’ button, ‘Apply’ and ‘restart server’.

See the following image for clarification.