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Java version related issues (e.g. ‘LEDs’ turn red, timezone reported incorrectly) : TS-BR009

We have previously encountered some problems with OpenLM Broker functionality, that originated from a mismatch between the installed Java version and the OpenLM Broker machine properties (e.g. 32 bit Java versions on 64 bit machines). Such problems included, for example:

  • LED indications toggling red/green on the EasyAdmin “License servers” window
  • License usage turning N/A, in the same window.

These problems seized after reinstalling the OpenLM Broker with a different java version.

The OpenLM Windows Broker installation currently includes the 32 bit Server JVM Java version. If, by any chance, need arises to replace that Java version with another, it could be done via modification of a registry key. The following path:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\OpenLM Broker\Parameters
includes the Application key. The 1st component of the Application key string is the path to Java; Simply change it to another JRE installed on the user machine.