Broker installation stuck after installing JRE1.6: TS-BR004 - OpenLM Software License Management
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Broker installation stuck after installing JRE1.6: TS-BR004


According to a client: “I’m trying to install the OpenLM Broker.  When I first tried to install it, I didn’t have Java v1.6 installed, so the installation failed.

I then went and downloaded and installed JRE 1.6.  Now, when I go to install Open LM Broker, I get this error message.”




1. One option for solving is:

Navigate to “C:\Program Files\InstallJammer Registry” or

“C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallJammer Registry” and erase a directory that looks like



2. Another option for solving this, is by Installing the broker in command line, e.g.:

openlmbroker-windows-setup_1718.exe /NotCheckPrevVer


Title Broker installation stuck after installing JRE1.6.
Category Broker
Date Apr17, 2012
Handled by
Relevant Links
Applies to license managers FLEXlm, FLEXera FLEXnet, IBM LUM, HASP, RLM, Sentinel RMS
Applies to license mode Floating licenses, Network licenses, Concurrent licenses
Observed during investigation
Trouble shoot process Erase directory in “InstallJammer Registry”